Why Employee Recognition is Critical

The truth is that when employees are not recognized, they become unhappy and actively look for a another job – even a job that pays less. Employers who do not provide their employees with sincere, genuine recognition experience minimum engagement, awful customer service and terrible productivity.

Love is at the Center of Joy

The Need to Experience True Sadness Sorrow, suffering and pain resides in every corner of this world; we see and feel it in our own lives, and at times, in the lives of those we love. Yesterday, I had a post come across my Facebook account from the priest of a church we belonged to … Read more

Going from Stressed Out to Amazing

Do you ever worry and start feeling anxiety because you are afraid that something bad might happen? Or are you concerned and stressing out about something that is going on in your life right now? Something that you do not have control over. What if, in the end, the results are not favorable; in fact, … Read more

Am I a Caregiver or a Daughter?

It Happened so Suddenly – Becoming a Caregiver One day, it happened. Without warning and overnight, I moved from being the oldest daughter, so devoted to her mother, to being her caregiver. A big part of my life had been spoiling her, talking on the phone every day, soaking up her guidance and then, swiftly … Read more

Discover your Inner Voice – It is Amazing

The Inner Voice Definition Some of us call it intuition. Others know it as God speaking to us. Many people picture it as the little angel sitting on your shoulder. Some people think of it as your gut feeling. Maybe it is your subconscious mind. Whichever way you choose to look at it, the outcome … Read more

The Importance of Quiet to Calm Anxiety

What is Quiet?   For those of us with anxiety, we often mistake quiet for silence. These are two very different states. Silence is when you are alone. You become aware of every little noise. Some noises you recognize and decide in this moment they are irritating. Other noises are surprisingly, just now getting your … Read more

Goal Setting is Key to Anxiety Management

Is Goal Setting just a Hype? Throughout my life, I heard people carrying on about goal setting. In my early, formative years, I never really listened to all the details and strategies about how to work through this obviously simple task. You set a goal, then you achieve it. What was so hard about that? … Read more

Sensitivity to Repetitive Sounds is called Misophonia

That Annoying Clicking Pen Does pen clicking drive you crazy during meetings? Looking around, it does not seem to be bothering anyone else. For you, the continuous “click” “click” “click” is slowly unraveling your nerves. A panic attack is coming on, you can feel it rising up. Leaving the meeting is not an option; it … Read more

What Unmanaged Anxiety Looks Like

Every Cell of my Body is being Electrocuted I have an anxiety disorder. You can’t see it, because I carefully, intentionally, with every fiber of my being, keep it hidden as much as I possibly can. Sometimes I can feel it surfacing. It feels like a muddy, thick goo trying to break the surface of … Read more