The Importance of Quiet to Calm Anxiety

What is Quiet?   For those of us with anxiety, we often mistake quiet for silence. These are two very different states. Silence is when you are alone. You become aware of every little noise. Some noises you recognize and decide in this moment they are irritating. Other noises are surprisingly, just now getting your … Read more

Goal Setting is Key to Anxiety Management

Is Goal Setting just a Hype? Throughout my life, I heard people carrying on about goal setting. In my early, formative years, I never really listened to all the details and strategies about how to work through this obviously simple task. You set a goal, then you achieve it. What was so hard about that? … Read more

Sensitivity to Repetitive Sounds is called Misophonia

That Annoying Clicking Pen Does pen clicking drive you crazy during meetings? Looking around, it does not seem to be bothering anyone else. For you, the continuous “click” “click” “click” is slowly unraveling your nerves. A panic attack is coming on, you can feel it rising up. Leaving the meeting is not an option; it … Read more

Anxiety Disorder in the Workplace

Top Reasons for Workplace Anxiety All too often, work and anxiety go hand in hand. Even in the best of jobs, there are looming deadlines to that passionate project you have been working on for months. Deadlines, staff management, dealing with problems, and coworker relationships are among the top reasons for workplace anxiety as reported … Read more

What is Coaching?

The Definition of Coaching In my opinion, everyone would benefit from having a life coach. Each of us have goals, visions or dreams that we want to accomplish in life. Some of us do well in identifying what those aspirations are and how to achieve them. Most of us, however, get stuck in the various … Read more

Managing Anxiety with Nature

A Young Child’s Instincts Early in my life, I realized nature calmed me when I was restless. As a child, I climbed the trees and looked down at the world below. I felt close to God and safe from the monsters that made me feel scared. In my preteen years, I remember playing house in … Read more

Are You Keeping Your Divine Appointments?

It Happened One Morning My husband, Larry, religiously gets up each morning by 7:30 AM and, as a result, is off to solve the world’s problems with an amazingly diverse group of men in his coffee group. I look forward to him coming home because he would report to me the colorful and entertaining adventures … Read more

Mindful Breathing

Nip it in the Bud – Mindful Breathing The Unexpected Rush of Anxiety When I finally got it threw my thick head that I could control that unexpected rush of anxiety that came with unforeseeable negative events, I started breaking down the steps of exactly how that was going to work. I say “steps” because … Read more

The Tool Box of Coping Skills

Building a Tool Box of Anxiety Coping Skills Time for Change Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. Anxiety is a natural part of life. When a person has an anxiety disorder (AD), anxiety is something we must learn to live with – one way or another. It is not going away. Our body is … Read more