The Mindset of Quiet where the Mind transcends into the Heart

developing a “new normal” We are now faced with figuring out what our “new normal” looks like in this time of recovery from a pandemic that is slowly calming down. These two little words are filled with such wonder, “new normal”. They can create a sense of fear or a wonderous anticipation of being able … Read more

In the Pandemic Aftermath?

As life in a pandemic aftermath moves forward, we begin the first phase of discovering a new normal. With mixed emotions, we must take one step at a time. Hope brings your anxiety, back to a manageable state.

A Midlife Crisis? Me? – No Way!

When you focus your thoughts on THOSE dreams that will make you a happy, content person in a world that is not so OK much of the time, your life becomes just that – wonderful, no matter what.

Why isn’t God Here, Helping Me?

God tells us again and again that He will never leave us even though at times it seems as if He did. He is still watching over you and His heart is breaking as He watches His precious child in so much pain.

The Importance of Quiet to Calm Anxiety

What is Quiet?   For those of us with anxiety, we often mistake quiet for silence. These are two very different states. Silence is when you are alone. You become aware of every little noise. Some noises you recognize and decide in this moment they are irritating. Other noises are surprisingly, just now getting your … Read more