Motivate, Lead and Empower your Employees. Get Results.

Cultivating the employee experience with time-tested, custom-crafted, proven coaching processes resulting in employees with strong engagement, high productivity, driven innovation, and delivering quality customer service in a happy, healthy workplace.

The ARRIVAL program

Have you asked yourself?

(1) Do you have a plan for managing your workplace culture when your employees return to work considering their heightened emotions, anxiety and frustrations?

(2) Are you overwhelmed trying to decide on a employee strategy to either (1) manage your remote employees or (2) bring them back into the workplace?

(3) How will the aftermath of the Covid-19 affect your employee’s experience, their engagement in their jobs and ultimately the customer experience, productivity, absenteeism and turnover?

(4) What can you do to help your employees manage their work-life balance?

I am going to tell you exactly how to solve these problems in an affordable way and what will happen if the problems are not solved. Keep Scrolling…

empower your employees

My Story

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them,

“I help businesses create a happy workplace where employees love to come to work and do a great job”.

What this means is…


I show business owners how to grow their company atmosphere so that employees are excited to come to work, put their best foot forward and do a great job rather than the business owner having to constantly manage employee conflict which keeps them from focusing on servicing their clients.

My name is Coach Delisa Deavenport. I thrive on creating unique custom-built processes grounded in proven, time-tested principals that will bring everyone in my client’s company, together in harmony. The end result is to rally everyone around common goals, knowing that, as a person associated with a great team, they have an exciting opportunity, everyday, to make a remarkable difference in the world. People crave this stuff. Money and perks are nice, but making a real difference, now that’s a reason to get up in the morning and go through the day with passion.

What makes my employee experience coaching program different?

According to Gallup, employee engagement was around 35% in 2019. I have read countless articles and interviewed business owners as to why the percentage isn’t higher. The common thread seems to be in three areas:
(1) employee engagement is all to often, viewed by management as an employee review standard rather than a piece of an overall, on-going process with many parts
(2) most small companies do not invest in employee development and
(3) most personal improvement programs explain “What” and “Why” a change in mindset and perspectives are critical, but they fail to explain, in detail, just “How” to make these changes so they are permanent.

How are employees expected to transform the company culture into one that has a happy, healthy environment if they are not taken through a personal development coaching process that has satisfying accountability built into it? How are employees expected to be passionately engaged if leadership does not know how to create a successful employee experience process that puts everyone on the same team, with the same goals, where everyone wins and makes a huge difference in the world?

Can you imagine what your company would look like if your business had a successful, low cost employee experience strategy?