Employee Experience Coaching

Imagine if…

Your Employees were:

⬢ Motivated and empowered with enhanced communication skills.
⬢ Engaged in their jobs and committed to the company’s mission and vision.
⬢ Creating an atmosphere that is conducive to your leadership and valued that leadership.
⬢ Individuals who demonstrated initiative, thought creatively, and took responsibility for their actions.
⬢ Skilled and focused on relationship building, problem solving, and mindfulness.
⬢ Happy, more balanced in all areas of their life.
⬢ Cultivating a high energy, friendly, compassionate workplace space where clients felt they were getting top service.
⬢ Increasing company sales by providing high quality service.
⬢ Top talent and well matched with their jobs.

Statistics Reveal:

▶21% more profitable with employee coaching
▶41% lower absenteeism with employee coaching
▶85% of employees are not engaged at work
▶Good work environments can raise revenue 4X
▶47% looking for new jobs due to bad culture

Disengaged employees

The Coaching Process

Coach Delisa’s time-tested coaching programs are designed to address each employee’s needs as both an employee and an individual.

Coach Delisa uses a combination of:
1. The RESPECT Model created by Paul L. Marciano, Ph.D.
2. Zig Ziglar Legacy Programs and Courses
3. Courses designed and created by Coach Delisa
4. Individual & Group coaching
5. Concept of Quiet created by Coach Delisa

Her unique superpower is incorporating her “Concept of Quiet” into and throughout her training and coaching. This concept, when used properly and consistently, ensures the staying power of personal development.


having highly talented, passionate people knocking your door down to come work for YOUR company.

By creating a work experience that fosters creativity, resilience, and individual super-power, your reputation will be known as having empowered, motivated employees who support & lead each other.

The result? Excellent customer service & success!