Employee Experience Coaching

Imagine if…

You came to work each day with happy, stress-free employees who:

… feel like they make valuable contributions to their company, are proud of their work, show increased engagement and take opportunities for growth and learning.

… represent your brand with confidence and is excited about being a part of your corporate identity. They increase your brand awareness in their own circle and to everyone in their presence.

… are immersed in their jobs, interacting by contributing to the conversation. They are active listeners, innovators and successful brain-stormers. They interact both socially and professionally with co-workers.

… go above and beyond their job description. They go out of their way to provide excellent customer service while building strong customer relationships. They are committed to the company’s vision, mission and core values looking forward to being an active and valuable part of the company’s growth.

I would imagine …

… your vision for your business is to help people; that you get up each day full of hope to connect those people with the kinds of services your company can provide knowing it will enhance their lives.

… you are excited about providing services that go above and beyond any of your competitors because you are the expert at what you do.

… you would LOVE to be the “Employer of Choice” in your field.

… you did not sign up to be a mediator involved in employee conflict.

… you never meant to be a therapist for employees going through personal, stressful experiences that affect their job performance.

… you have a vision of inspiring both employees and clients to be the best versions of themselves.

The one thing you desire is to have innovative, dedicated and happy employees who deliver consistent high-quality customer service and brand advocacy, helping you move your company to the top of the “most valued customer experience” list in your field.

It is possible … your vision is most certainly possible…

Do you believe that having employees that are not fully engaged is just part of being in business?

The truth is that employees are more engaged their first six months and then 40% will become not engaged at all. The good news is that, like every other aspects of your business, having an employee engagement plan can raise productivity by as much as 43% according to research done by the Hay Group.

Disengaged employees

What if your business had…

highly satisfied employees who felt a great connection with the company thereby producing quality work?

higher employee retention and lower turnover cutting the cost of hiring new employees?

higher productivity? Research shows that companies with an employee engagement plan produce 21% more revenue.

higher profitability? When employees feel good about their job, they produce higher customer service which results is repeat business and higher referrals.

less absenteeism? Engaged employees love their jobs and show up, ready to do a great job lowering absenteeism by 41%.

employee loyalty? When you have employees that are committed to their jobs and feel great loyalty to the company, they become company ambassadors.

 Love my Job

It is possible, even for small to medium size businesses like yours to have all of this vision and more. It is especially important for small to medium size businesses to have an employee engagement plan.

Yes, you heard me right. What you need is a plan!

A plan that targets the employee’s experience working for your company. It is especially important for small to medium size businesses to have such a plan because there are fewer people to promote the business and even one or two employees who are not excited about producing high quality customer service can drastically reduce revenue!!

Introducing the “ARRIVAL Process”

Assess – doing some discovery identifies the strength and weaknesses in the current workplace culture

Roadmap – Coach Delisa’s 4-hour workshop – “Roadmap to a Healthy Mindset”

Respect model – Coach Delisa’s 4-hour employee experience program by Dr. Paul Marciano’s, the RESPECT model

Individual coaching sessions begin the process of putting the presented information into practice

Virtual educational sessions including lunch & learns and management problem-solving meetings provide support and accountability

Aligning each employee’s career with their core values, produces satisfaction, a sense of happiness and fulfillment

Leverage – developing the employee experience and the cultivation of the workplace culture to provide ROI

What is the “ARRIVAL Process”?

The ARRIVAL Process is for small-to-medium size, customer-service oriented businesses that will:

(1) transform your workplace culture into a place where people want to work
(2) provide the skills needed to create employee engagement increasing productivity by as much as 43%
and customer service by as much as 22%
(3) create a compelling employee experience for your workforce reducing absenteeism and turnover by as much as 37%

Step #1

It is critical that we identify the strengths, weaknesses, obstacles and threats in your current workplace cultural. By performing some discovery work, we will have a better understanding of your business’ expectations, experiences, philosophy and values that guide your employee’s behavior in the workplace.


Step #2
Roadmap to a Healthy Mind

This half day training is a comprehensive guide teaching exactly how to grow your thoughts instead of letting them control you. Learn to mindfully use Coach Delisa’s proven quieting techniques to move negative, worrisome thoughts to a place of acceptance or action successfully managing stress and living in inner peace.


Step #3
RESPECT Principals

The RESPECT Model is a set of values intended to guide one’s daily actions and behaviors based on the simple principal that when people are treated with respect they engage and work harder to achieve the goals of the organization. The RESPECT Model was designed by Paul L. Marciano, Ph. D.

Step #4
Individual & Group Coaching

Through careful and deliberate conversation, employees can un-lock their self-leadership potential. The employee begins to acquire clarity about who they are, what they want to accomplish in their job, where they want to be at the company in the future and select specific objectives to work on.

Step #5
Virtual Educational Sessions

Employee experience education series and support meetings are crucial to keep employees engaged and to understand what they need, to be their best in their jobs. Lack of growth opportunities and interaction with management together with the inability to be a part of business development, creates disengaged employees.

Great Workplace

Step #6
Aligning with Company Core Values

In any business, there is a common goal that every employee—from the C-suite to the frontline—is working towards. The only way for a company as a whole to be successful is to achieve value alignment across everyone in the organization. Values and culture top the list of employee satisfaction factors.

Step #7
Leverage the Employee Experience

Recent research by Deloitte has found that 80% of leadership rate staff experience as being very important. But only 22% feel that they’re actually good at building a differentiated experience. Worse, almost 60% don’t feel fully ready to address this challenge. Getting the best employees, and getting the best out of your employees, will require a continuous employee experience strategy.


Are You Ready to Invest in Your Employees with the ARRIVAL Process?

The post-pandemic employee experience coaching slots are filling up fast.

Imagine knowing you had this opportunity – to create happier employees who know how to manage their stress, resulting in improved customer service, higher productivity and a place where people WANT to come to work – and you let it slip by.

Time is limited, client spots are filling up.

Packages run from $250 to $25,000 and finance options are available.

Let’s Review What options you can choose from in The ARRIVAL Process:
(1) Assessment of your employee’s perception about their jobs
(2) “Roadmap to a Healthy Mindset” 4 hour training
(3) RESPECT Employee Engagement Program 4 hour training
(4) Individual and/or group coaching
(5) Alignment with company core values
(6) Monthly management support meetings
(7) Email coaching support for all employees between sessions
(8) Access to private Facebook group discussions & LIVE sessions
(9) Monthly Lunch & Learn educational series
(10) Access to ALL Coach Delisa’s free webinars and free PDF downloads

“The Destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide.
If you keep on dividing, you end up as a collection of monkeys
throwing nuts at each other out of separate trees.”
― T.H. WhiteD