I work so hard every single day.

How much more can I take before life goes the right way?

Everything is screwed up, it’s all going wrong.

I knew this would happen, I’ve known it all along.

But still I try to do things right.

I work all day, with little sleep at night.

I am so burnt out and completely worn down.

It’s hard to fake a smile when all I can do is frown.

But fake it I must, until things look bright.

Eventually they’ll turn around and be completely right.

With little to no help, I’m doing it myself,

Stretching myself thin and ruining my health.

I’ll find the strength to keep pushing forth,

Finding what I’m made of, finding what I’m worth.

It will work out, one of these days.

I’ll find the right path; I’ll head the right way.

For now I know, I need to be strong.

Keep moving ahead, when it all goes wrong.

God, give me strength, to keep pushing on,

When all hope, it seems, has diminished and gone.

Author – Destiny Rose