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Find your Direction in your Quiet

Find Your Direction In Your Quiet Book Cover

Coach Delisa writes "Find Your Direction in Your Quiet" as an account of her growing anxiety disorder journey from childhood to a young and middle-age adult when it became debilitating. The book then explains her transformation from an anxiety-ridden mess into a confident, successful, inspiring woman.

She now uses her journey as an avenue for young women to understand and cope with the anxiety affecting their quality of life. Although her book is written in a journal form, the book is designed and organized into chapters that stand alone.

Delisa realizes that when women are experiencing anxiety, they are looking for specific answers to the challenges they are most concerned with at that time. She felt having an account of her experiences that could be read in the order of importance to the reader by looking at the Table of Contents, was vital to keeping the sufferer on the path to healing.

The book is funny, sad, heartbreaking, victorious, hopeful, on edge, and comforting.

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