Are You Keeping Your Divine Appointments?

It Happened One Morning

My husband, Larry, religiously gets up each morning by 7:30 AM and, as a result, is off to solve the world’s problems with an amazingly diverse group of men in his coffee group. I look forward to him coming home because he would report to me the colorful and entertaining adventures of this fascinating band of retirees. There is one gentleman that Larry speaks of often, with tender respect, Gary. You see, Gary is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Gary leans on this caring group of friends who support him with kindness and reverence. Gary builds the most interesting and unique bird houses and takes them to the quaint, trendy coffee shop where people eagerly purchase the fun addition for their yard. He explains that this hobby, not only is excellent therapy for his brain disease, it similarly gives him joy knowing that he has brighten someone’s day.

On Saturday mornings, the coffee group meets at different restaurants for breakfast. On one of these mornings, my husband invited me to go because wives often accompany their husbands on Saturday mornings. My curiosity got the best of me as I had not met any of his “coffee friends” yet. Plus, I never pass up an opportunity to have a date with my awesome husband. As we walked up to the IHOP greeter, she informed us that Gary was waiting for us at the table. (I love living in a small town).  Larry and I clearly were early for this weekend ritual, I thought. A kind, warm man jumped up and extended out his hand assuring me it was such a pleasure to finally meet Larry’s wife. Only the three of us showed up this Saturday morning therefore making this meeting unusual.

What is a Divine Appointment?

After sitting and enjoying each other’s company for a while, Gary excitedly stated, “I am so glad I kept this Divine appointment”. With a puzzled look on my face, I asked Gary what he meant. He explained that when he woke up, he told his wife that he did not feel well and was not going the breakfast group. His wife sat down beside him and with such love in her heart, told him he should go. She explained that he needed to get out of the house and be around people he loved therefore helping him to feel better. Gary reluctantly got ready and headed off to IHOP in his pickup. Gary explained to us, that God makes Divine appointments for us every day. When we show up for them, they are life changing. Not always with big fireworks, but always in a meaningful, life improving way.

That morning, Gary, Larry and I sat and talked about how true, good friends support you in times of trouble and challenge. We realized how much of a role God plays in helping us get through difficult periods. It is astonishing how He uses special people and certain events to bring us through hard times. These struggles  teach us strength and clarity. We discussed how going through struggles makes us a much better person by the lessons we learn from such demanding experiences. As we walked out of IHOP, Gary invited me to his truck to see his latest truly unique, beautiful bird houses. My heart was full of humbleness and admiration. I can honestly say I am a better person for knowing Gary. All three of us needed to be a part of that significant discussion at that exact moment in our lives for various personal reasons.

Find your Quiet – Listen to your Gut

Can you remember a time in your life where you just could not believe a certain person showed up at such a perfect moment? What about an event or opportunity that presented itself at the right time you absolutely needed it? Coincidences? I have come to believe that these are Divine appointments that God made for us. Today, when I know I need to do something or go somewhere but I begin to rationalize why I don’t feel like it or have something else I “want” to do, I remember my Divine appointments. I then get quiet and ask God to tell me what I need to do. I will admit this method of deciding what my Divine appointments are does not work 100% of the time. Our human nature is sometimes devious.

I invite you to think about your Divine appointments. Gary has me believing that God makes them for us every day. I don’t believe that our lives are already laid out like destiny. I do believe in my heart that God makes it possible for us to live joyous, content and purposeful lives. If we listen and watch for our Divine appointments, magic happens – the magic of wonderful. Many years, my friend, many years.

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