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Make Sure You are Ahead of the Curve

Coach Delisa uses individual coaching and quieting techniques in her coaching practice. The definition of coaching is that Coaching focuses on the present to get to the future (or the desired end result) while Counseling focuses on the past to deal and better understand your present. One method is not better than the other; each style of personal development has its specific purpose. The Coach Delisa individual coaching has both an educational and coaching aspect.
With individual coaching, Coach Delisa works primarily with people, who are ready to move from dealing with their past, to begin setting goals for personal growth and development, as well as goals for personal accomplishments. Together, she “coaches” you or works with you, through proven communication and quieting techniques, to discover the goals and dreams you are passionate about. She then “coaches” you into putting together a plan of action that you feel will move you closer to your goals.

Through this process, I act as an accountability partner. When we change bad habits into good habits, we just perform better knowing someone is supporting us and will be discussing our progress. And let’s face it, those of us with an anxiety disorder have that innate need to please people and get their approval. It just works, it truly works. I personally have a life coach and my life coach sometimes tells me tidbits of things she learned from her life coach. Lifecoaching just works!

For more information on what coaching is, check out my blog, What is Coaching?.


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