Coach Delisa Deavenport, MBA, CPC

Coach Delisa is an Employee Experience Coach, Visionary, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Blogger, Guest writer, wife, mother, granny, and friend.


I wake up each morning and dedicate my life to God in prayer, concentrating on that day. I ask Him to show me the way in everything I do for that day; personally, with family and friends, in my work, in my health journey and in my faith. I want my life to count by leaving a legacy of love, caring and passion for helping others be all they can be, while at the same time, being all I can be. I believe that a life lived serving and loving others in His name, is a life that carries on through others long after we leave this physical world.

My personal vision is to continue to learn kindness, love and patience in a humble manner, to a degree that few come to know. I struggle every day and fall short as I try to live up to this vision.

My personal mission is to use those qualities God instills in me, to coach people in being the best versions of themselves, in a sustainable way, so that they can live their lives with hope, purpose, and joy. This is my prayer.


My life spiraled out of control for years. I always felt like I had to fight my way through life; fight through the doubts people had about me, fight through struggles life gave me, fight anxiety with depression, and fight through addictions and the messes it caused in my life. It was not until I realized that I had to surrender to it all, that my life began to make sense and I finally grew up.

To thoroughly surrender, in a way that brings about lasting, positive change, is to get quiet. It is not enough to get still, you must transcend your mind into your heart, and listen. Your personal passions must be void and detached. You listen for direction and truth. Your inner self will guide you to a healthy life full of peace, purpose and joy.

As I learned this process over the years and then perfected it, I developed my Concept of “Quiet”. It truly works. When combined with a reverent and holy prayer, it is powerful.

Find your direction in your quiet.


The majority of my adult life I have been an accountant in the nonprofit field and completed a 3-year internship in public accounting and auditing. In April 2016, I received my professional coaching certification and in November 2017, I quit my J-O-B at United Way, to become a coach full time. I started out as an anxiety coach, having learned to manage my own Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I soon morphed into employee experience coaching. I am passionate about coaching people to thrive in their careers and learn how to successfully manage work-life balance.

In today’s business world, employers are involved in developing their employees into strong, capable people through training and coaching programs. Employers now put more value than ever into their employees’ personal development, realizing that career and individual coaching creates strong, motivated, engaged employees that are creative, passionate, and resilient employees.


* Professional Coach Academy Certified
* Ziglar Legacy Trainer Certified
* Ziglar Speakers Institute Certified
* Distinguished Toastmaster
* Author of “Find your Direction in your Quiet”
* Co-Author of The Successful Mind, an International Best Seller
* Blogger
* Public Speaker / Motivational Speaker
* Writer at “Blue Water Healthy Living” Online Magazine


* MBA from Argosy University
* BA from Walsh College
* Dale Carnegie
* Financial Peace University – Dave Ramsey
* Leadership Sherman (Chamber of Commerce)
* Leadership Denison (Chamber of Commerce)
* Professional Coach Academy
* Ziglar Legacy & Ziglar Speaker’s Institute
* Distinguished Toastmaster


The wife of the amazing Larry Deavenport, my inspiration and hero. Our lives center around our faith in God and our church, developing each day into the Christians that God intended us to be. We fall short every day but with God’s grace we struggle to fulfill His plan for us.

Originally from Texas, we moved to Michigan in 2018 to be near family. What a culture shock but we have grown to love the summers and autumns and we tolerate the winters and high allergy springs!

I love nature and being outdoors. I would spend a weekend in a rustic cabin any day over a 5-star hotel. Being on the water, walking down a country trail, or reading in the park, is my perfect pass-time. Nature calms. Nature balances the energy inside. Nature makes everything make sense again and puts things into perspective.

My DISC personality is that of the D style which places an emphasis on shaping the environment by overcoming opposition to accomplish results.

A person with a D style is motivated by winning, competition and success,
prioritizes accepting challenges, taking action and achieving immediate results,
is described as direct, driven, determined, fast-paced, and self-confident.

Goals according to DISC:
unique accomplishments
new opportunities
control of audience