Mission and Vision

My Coaching Mission

My mission is to work with service oriented, small business owners and their employees to give them the mindset and tools to cultivate a workplace experience of motivating and empowering each other. Working together in a nurturing, cohesive, supportive environment, the stage is set for innovation, resilience and sharing the mindset of creating and maintaining a solution-based attitude for each other and for the customer service experience. Through my mission, I will help service-oriented, small business owners and their employees to navigate their situations and feelings during these overwhelming times creating opportunities in which both the company and the employees, as individuals, will excel.

My Coaching Vision

To bring hope to struggling owners and employees of service oriented, small businesses around the country and help them realize that they do hold the power to overcome, and even excel, in their present circumstances by creating the mindset to be resilient and gratefully support each another.