Dealing with Employee Interdependency-based Conflict

One of the most difficult workplace challenges to overcome, is the interdependency-based conflict. When this happens, the problem usually doesn’t surface up to the leadership level, until employee attitudes are formed against one another, resentment begins to fester, and payback or competition is in full action.

Going from Stressed Out to Amazing

Do you ever worry and start feeling anxiety because you are afraid that something bad might happen? Or are you concerned and stressing out about something that is going on in your life right now? Something that you do not have control over. What if, in the end, the results are not favorable; in fact, … Read more

Is Toxic Coworkers Stressing You Out?

Toxic coworkers can steal your joy and sabotage your work environment. When your work environment becomes unbearable, your physical, mental and emotional health begin to decline and can have serious repercussions.

Am I a Caregiver or a Daughter?

It Happened so Suddenly – Becoming a Caregiver One day, it happened. Without warning and overnight, I moved from being the oldest daughter, so devoted to her mother, to being her caregiver. A big part of my life had been spoiling her, talking on the phone every day, soaking up her guidance and then, swiftly … Read more