The “ARRIVAL Process” Employee Coaching Experience

Who is the ARRIVAL Process for?


ARRIVAL is for small to medium size, customer service-based business with 3 to 50 employees. You believe in enhancing the employee experience in your business to create happier, emotionally healthy employees.


ARRIVAL is for owners who believe in their employees and consider them their most valuable assets. You want to invest in them knowing your investment will increase productivity and raise customer service quality.


ARRIVAL is for owners who want to help their employees with stress management and anxiety. Your focus is to rally your employees around common core values between your company’s vision and the employees individual beliefs and talents.

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Who is the ARRIVAL process NOT for?


Large companies with more than 50 employees or a branch of a large company. Companies that are product driven rather than service driven.


Businesses whose owner(s) believes their employees should put on their big boy or big girl pants and suck it up and act like a grown-up.


Businesses whose owner(s) cannot commit to leadership perspective change themselves and believe only the employees need to develop to increase the company’s employee engagement.

How Does the ARRIVAL Process Work? being there

The ARRIVAL Process is individualized to fit your company’s needs and budget. The entire process works in with these steps:

(1) An assessment is conducted to identify the strength and weaknesses of the current workplace culture.
(2) Education is given to move to a mindset for success at both the individual level and the company level.
(3) Training is provided for leadership and management to motivate and lead employees verses managing employees.
(4) Continuing education, support and accountability is provided on an on-going basis.
(5) Coaching is provided for those with specific challenges.
(6) The employee experience, employee engagement and workplace culture is monitored to provide quality ROI.

Still NOT Sure?
Let me SHOW you an example…

Mary owned a bookkeeping service. She had 5 full time employees in 2018. She felt like, despite the fact that her employees were at work, they were not engaged in their work. Her employees were friendly to each other but lacked excitement about their job and Mary felt they could be so much more enthusiastic when speaking with clients. Annual average revenue the last 3 years, before implementing the ARRIVAL process, was $383,450.
Enter – the ARRIVAL Process.

The assessment showed that Mary’s employees were 40% engaged, which is above industry average of 32%. Research shows that employee engagement programs raise productivity between 21% and 44%. Taking an average of these statistics, we can predict an average of 32% increase in productivity or $122,704 more revenue from being more engaged in their job. In addition, Mary saved an average of $8,850 in turnover costs (studies show a 59% reduction in turnover with an employee engagement program). Mary also saved an average of $3,600 in less absenteeism (studies show a 41% reduction in turnover with an employee engagement program). More engaged employees are now excellent brand ambassadors for Mary and her new clients are up 23% from the prior year resulting in another $88,193 in revenue. In her second year Mary’s bottom line profitability increased by $223,347 and only cost her $21,100 in a full-service employee experience coaching program. Eighteen months after Mary instituted her employee engagement program, she hired 2 more full time, top talent employees. With an employee experience program, Mary attracts top talent with such a high quality workplace culture, people WANT to work for her. Mary is excited to see what her third year numbers are going to look like.

In addition to a increase in quality and productivity, The ARRIVAL process brings much happier, more engaged workplace culture where employees are much more likely to genuinely care for each other, be excited and engaged in their jobs and be at the top of their game. Mary also learned how to hire those people who tend to stay engaged in their jobs.

Yes, you can have a high energy, enthusiastic workplace culture where both employees & clients want to be a part of your magical superpower.