Find Your Direction in Your Quiet

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Coach Delisa

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You want exceptional customer service and an inviting workplace culture as you enter the post Covid-19 phase. The problem is that your employees are restless and disengaged due to the anxiety brought on by the pandemic which makes you feel frustrated and powerless. I believe employees want to make a difference in their jobs and they want to have jobs they enjoy coming to each day. I understand the disconnect employees are going through during this challenging transition which is why having a compelling process that solves the needs of everyone involved, is your solution. I have created that compelling process, tailored for rebuilding after Covid-19.

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“Find Your Direction in Your Quiet”.

Find Your Direction in Your Quiet

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Coach Delisa

Professional Certified Employee Experience Coach, Best-selling Author, Blogger, Certified Ziglar Legacy Instructor, Ziglar Certified Speaker, Distinguished Toastmaster

Getting employees rallied around the common goal of unity, hope, resilience and respect for each other, produces at least a 21% increase in productivity and an average of 44% more engaged employees.


Covid-19 is bringing unique challenges to the workplace which can turn your company culture into a place of stress and frustration. The results are appalling customer service and reduced revenue as employees struggle with their post Covid-19 anxiety and work-life balance.

Coach Delisa has had incredible success using creative, dynamic, and future-oriented techniques in her employee development methods. All her coaching and teaching programs have her unique and effective quieting practices woven into them so that you can “Find your Direction in your Quiet” providing clarity in times of confusion.

About Delisa’s Book

Coach Delisa’s book, “Find Your Direction in Your Quiet”, teaches people how to live through struggling times, gaining strength and wisdom from the experience. Though her book is about her story of having an anxiety disorder, she teaches that the recovery process is exactly the same for anyone overwhelmed with life and battling difficult times.

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The Successful Mind

“The Successful Mind has all the tools anyone will ever need to transform their life and their future into all they have ever dreamed of and so much more,” says Coach Delisa Deavenport. “This project was a genius move on Erik’s part and I am so blessed to have been a part of it.” Chapter 7 was written by Coach Delisa Deavenport where she goes into deeper concept of her message, “Find your Direction in your Quiet