Find Your Direction in Your Quiet

Coach Delisa

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Find Your Direction in Your Quiet

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Coach Delisa

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People want a purpose in life, and everyone wants to fulfill their purpose with joy in their heart. Sometimes, life gets overwhelming and you feel lost or insignificant in this giant fast-paced world of chaos, over-stimulation and the need for instant gratification. Coach Delisa’s process to use quiet to tap into the self-conscious mind to find direction, leads to discovering your purpose and living a life of joy and gratitude.

About Delisa’s Book

Coach Delisa’s book, “Find Your Direction in Your Quiet”, teaches people how to live through struggling times, gaining strength and wisdom from the experience. Though her book is about her story of having an anxiety disorder, she teaches that the recovery process is exactly the same for anyone overwhelmed with life and battling difficult times.

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“Coach Delisa has a way about her; giving me support, encouragement, and direction all while making me feel like I can do anything I want in life. She is always there when I begin to doubt myself and knows exactly how to coach me back into self-love. I highly recommend Coach Delisa for any woman struggling with anxiety issues.”  – Gayle S. 

“We are honored to have Delisa Deavenport represent Zig Ziglar as a Ziglar Legacy Certified speaker, trainer, and coach.  Delisa exhibited strong leadership and mentoring qualities during her training experience and has shown considerable growth and development into a highly respected and qualified speaker and presenter.”  –  Tom  Ziglar, CEO, Ziglar, Inc. proud son of Zig Ziglar 

“Coach Delisa was there to help me through both a major health crisis and all the stress that goes along with this. I was so overwhelmed that I did not know where to start in learning how to manage all the anxiety. She broke things down into manageable steps and I was always in control of choosing what and how I wanted to go through the process of changing my lifestyle. I truly experience peace these days and when anxiety rears up, I have the tools to calm it down.” –  Dolores R.

“With passion and commitment, Coach Delisa delivers her message to “Find Your Direction in Your Quiet.” She relates to her audience authentically, showing how life’s struggles interfere with our ability to follow our truth. Then she reconnects us to a path of living with joy and purpose. Inspiring and enlightening!” – Lee-Perry Belleau, President Hi-Noon Toastmasters, Port Huron, MI

“Coach Delisa has helped me understand things I didn’t know about myself and finding out who I truly am. I recommend Delisa because life was meant to be lived without fear. Delisa will help you to believe in yourself and then you realize you can do anything you want! I’m beyond grateful for the Lord leading me to Delisa; a smart and loving lady.” – Terese D.

Coach Delisa

Coaching focuses on a person’s possibilities rather than past experiences. Through careful and deliberate conversation, I work with you using proven techniques to help un-lock your self-leadership potential. You begin to acquire clarity about who you are, what you want to accomplish, where you want to be. As your coach, I then act as your facilitator and hold you accountable. This coaching process takes you from self-discovery to unlock your potential and break down barriers, through self-development into sustained improvement.